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How to prepare a package for mailing

Here are some useful videos showing the ways some people prepare the auction items for packaging. 

Auction tips

1. Before bidding send the seller an email, especially if they are a new seller, just think of a simple relevant question to ask that is not covered in the description of the item. Good sellers are serious about their sales and will respond quickly, fully and politely. After all do not forget YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER.

2. Is delivery type specified, does the item really need to go by the most expensive way? I've found that First Class mail gets there almost as fast as Priority mail. 

3. Did you know that at this time Delivery Confirmation is FREE if you use Paypal's label system. I use it all the time. Very few glitches. Sometimes my printer fails to print the label. If the charge is already made to your Paypal account, then simply REPRINT the label at no extra charge. You can find the REPRINT link in the "Details" on you main Paypal page.

4. It is very important that you understand the importance of using Delivery Confirmation with most of your auctions. I like to see D.C. used by all sellers because that shows me if the Seller is seriously concerned about their Listia success and, thus, more worthy of my bid.

5. Early bidding on an auction is often rewarded because most auction websites use the proxy system of bidding. NO MATTER HOW HIGH YOU BID, your bid will never be more than a few credits more than the highest bid before yours. 
Example: last bid is 20 . If you bid 100 , your bid will be no higher than 21 credits or so - until someone bids above 100. Sometimes I will put in a VERY HIGH BID when I know by experience that people will stop bidding at a certain point. I call that "bid bombing".

 This fellow is very thorough in his presentation. 

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