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Order page for Bubble Padded Envelopes

You have two basic options for buying bubble padded envelopes. Both have bubble wrap covering the inside. The outside material is the main difference. Both are very fine envelopes. I use Pay Pal for my ordering system. You do not have to be a Pay Pal member to use it. If you need more envelopes, please email me or call me at 805-226-8354 for pricing and info.

Kraft bubble padded mailer envelopes

Current prices
(contact me for total price with shipping)

4" x 5" #000
up to 20 envelopes

.30 ea.
4" x 7" 
up to 20 envelopes

.30 ea.
6" x 10" 
up to 20 envelopes

.30 ea.
7.25" x 8"
10 envelopes

.30 ea. 
8.5" x 12" 
10 envelopes

.50 ea.
9.5" z 14.5"
10 envelopes

.60 ea.


I am working to create online ordering. Until then, please contact me
Email: (copy and paste this into your email program)
Phone 805-226-8354 to order your mailers.