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Thin, sleek, and tough envelopes that get the job done.  After sealing, the envelope becomes extremely water resistant and nearly waterproof.  These are best used to ship items with smoother edges, not sharp or boxy corners. I usually ship  items 1st Class or Standard Flat Rate with these envelopes.   

Product Description 


Sturdy and lightweight envelopes which possess superior puncture, tear, water and dirt resistance. 

At 2.5ml thick, these are among the strongest envelopes available. A useful silver internal lining, along with a high strength pressure sensitive adhesive, help to ensure your items remain intact and confidential. With high strength seams and an adhesive this strong you can feel confident to over-stuff your envelope. 

I've used them to ship clothing, fabrics, towels, bank statements, security documents, and many other items.  The envelopes exterior makes adhering ink, stamps, and labels a breeze. The envelope is lightweight will save on postage.  

These are a great envelope option when shipping a wide variety of non-fragile items. 

Technical Details

  • High Quality Self Sealing Mailers.
  • Water, Tear and Puncture resistant.
  • The silver inner layer provides confidentiality
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive provides a high strength durable closure, water and dirt resistant
  • High-efficiency mailers are perfect for shipping a wide variety of non-fragile items.